Building a Startup Is Like Building a Fire

Last night was one of those Sunday nights — sitting in bed wishing my heater was a real fire. Just sitting and thinking — like I was Don Draper or something.

My thoughts drifted to a few business-minded questions (that typically come from an impatient startup founder) — why do startups need capital? Why can’t we simply build our businesses without relying on capital; why can’t we just generate tons of revenue and bootstrap our way to the top?

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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

You have a lot to do and you know that it is not worth your time doing repetitive tasks. That includes researching bloggers that you could reach out to for your next guest post, finding content for your social media this week, booking your upcoming holiday, and how about organising those flyers to be designed and printed for your next event?! Yes, you can outsource this. All of it.

After hiring over 200+ people in 12 different countries, I want to help you hire the right virtual assistant so you can save time and get more done.

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